Prostitutes of Guatemala

Surfing the web I came across a slideshow on AOL India of Guatemalan prostitutes.All these women were photographed while waiting for clients in their rented rooms on a street called 'La Linea' in Spanish, or 'The Strip', where dozens of women work as prostitutes in Guatemala City.

Katia from El Salvador poses for a portrait while waiting for clients in her rented room on 'The Strip' in Guatemala City. A sign at the entrance reads, in Spanish, 'In this business, the client is the most important. Welcome.'

Brenda from Nicaragua talks to a man as she stands in the doorway of her rented room on 'The Strip' in Guatemala City

Angie from Costa Rica

Gata Salvaje', or 'Wild Cat', waits for clients outside her rented room on 'The Strip'

'La Flaca', or 'Skinny', from El Salvador checks her make-up as she waits for clients in her rented room on 'The Strip'

Tamara (left) and Mila laugh as they wait for clients

Prostitutes buy fresh goat milk while waiting for clients outside their rented rooms on 'The Strip'

A prostitute lies waiting for clients

A prostitute stands next to an statue of Maximon, a pagan saint believed to provide wealth and protection to its believers

Mari brushes her hair while for clients


'Sonrisa'or 'Smile', 19

Melissa, 30

Melissa again

'La Abuelita', or 'The Grandmother', a 65-year-old prostitute, poses for a portrait in a rented room where she has been living for the last 42 years on 'The Strip' in Guatemala City. La Abuelita is said to be the oldest sex worker on The Strip. Owing to a severe back pain, she is now considering retirement and expects to survive on selling goods.


Julia, 23, Tamara, 24, and Angie, 22 talk with potential clients

Angie, 22 smokes a cigarette while clients wait in the doorway
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